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Digital Forensics – Uncovering the Truth

Whether you have a cheating spouse, are in a child custody battle, have an unruly teenager or an employee who is committing fraud, digital forensics will help you with uncovering the truth.

In our onsite digital forensics lab, we use advanced analytical and investigative techniques to secure, identify, retrieve, preserve, and present evidence stored in most digital devices.  Our state of the art technology allows us to perform forensic analyses on computers, tablet PCs, smartphones, and cellular phones, as well as other digital storage devices.  We continuously invest in the most advanced technology and training to ensure that our digital forensics division provides the very best in electronic evidence services.  Using the same advanced equipment and software that many law enforcement agencies use, such as Paraben’s Device Seizure and Access Data’s MPE+, we help clients acquire the evidence they need in a wide variety of cases.

When crucial information is stored in digital form, preserving and examining it can be difficult and should not be delayed.  We understand the importance of acting quickly.  In most cases, our analysts can return your device within 8 hours.  Examination of the data begins right away, and we will keep you updated with our progress throughout the investigation.

If you’re in a situation where digital forensics will help you, contact us today!

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