Child with a Parent.If you’re in a child custody battle, you cannot afford to leave anything to chance.  You need dedicated professionals that care about you and your family to help you get the evidence you need to obtain custody of your children.  At Stillinger Investigations, we get you the information you need, and all cases are confidential.


In custody and visitation cases, independent verification of activities or conditions harmful to the child is crucial.  The other parent will always be on their best behavior for a Guardian ad Litem or attorney, but a licensed private investigator can document the conditions and activities that are occurring when the other parent does not know they are being watched.


At Stillinger Investigations, our investigators have the experience and knowledge to handle your investigation with the professionalism you expect and to deliver the results you need.  Our staff is uniquely qualified and trained to collect the right proof the right way so that you will have the admissible evidence you need to be successful in court.  Let our dedicated team get started on your case today.


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