Stillinger Investigations has been conducting insurance and Workers’ Compensation fraud investigations for over 17 years. We have the experience and specialized surveillance equipment to help you stop fraudulent claims dead in their tracks.  We investigate all types of fraud, from falsified or exaggerated injury claims to property damage and loss matters.

At Stillinger Investigations, our investigators have the experience and knowledge to handle your investigation with the professionalism you expect and to deliver the results you need.  Our staff is uniquely qualified and trained to collect the right proof the right way so that you will have the admissible evidence you need to be successful in defeating a fraudulent claim.  Let our dedicated team get started on your case today.

senior patient broken arm in doctor office

  • Claimant Interviews
  • Recorded Statements
  • Incident Scene and Property Damage
  • Photo and Video Documentation
  • Covert Surveillance and Video
  • Claimant and Witness Backgrounds
  • Witness Location and Interviews

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