If you are in search of enjoyable and engaging activities to keep your young ones entertained in Myrtle Beach, you have come to the right place. Myrtle Beach offers a variety of attractions that cater to children, such as the Pirates Voyage Dinner & Show and the Sky Zone Trampoline Park.

Throughout this guide, we will delve into the top family-friendly activities in Myrtle Beach, detailing the recommended ages for each attraction, admission prices, and whether these activities are available year-round. Create lasting memories on your family vacation!

Pirates Voyage Dinner & Show

Pirates Voyage Dinner & Show in Myrtle Beach presents an enticing combination of entertainment and dining that is ideal for families with children, resulting in an unforgettable experience.

The show incorporates interactive elements that draw the audience into an exhilarating pirate journey, featuring battles, acrobatics, and musical performances that captivate both youngsters and adults. The caliber of the cuisine offered enhances the overall experience, showcasing delicious dishes that cater to a variety of palates, ranging from seafood to hearty meats.

The family-friendly ambiance of the establishment cultivates a friendly environment, complete with staff members dressed as pirates who interact with guests of all generations, culminating in a vibrant and pleasurable experience for all.

WonderWorks Myrtle Beach

WonderWorks Myrtle Beach presents itself as an indoor amusement park that offers a range of engaging and educational activities intended to captivate both children and families.

Featuring interactive exhibits that allow children to experience mind-bending optical illusions and hands-on experiments that convey scientific principles in an entertaining manner, WonderWorks truly emphasizes the fusion of education and entertainment.

Among the popular attractions found within WonderWorks is the Hurricane Shack, providing children with the opportunity to feel the force of Category 1 hurricane winds. Another beloved feature among young visitors is the Space Discovery zone, offering astronaut training simulators and an engaging insight into space exploration.

Family Kingdom Amusement Park

The Family Kingdom Amusement Park located in Myrtle Beach is an enchanting attraction that provides young visitors with an array of thrilling rides and games, creating an ideal setting for family enjoyment.

Within the park, a diverse selection of rides suitable for various age groups can be found, catering to the preferences of younger children with gentle carousels, while also offering adrenaline-inducing roller coasters for teenagers and adults. The nostalgic ambiance at Family Kingdom Amusement Park contributes to its overall appeal, exuding classic carnival aesthetics and vibrant lights that transport guests to a bygone era of amusement and excitement.

Along with the rides, park visitors have the opportunity to test their skills at numerous games situated throughout the premises or delight in delectable treats from the diverse food stalls. These stalls offer an array of options ranging from cotton candy to savory snacks, ensuring that guests can savor a variety of culinary delights during their visit.

Backstage Mirror Maze

The Backstage Mirror Maze in Myrtle Beach is an enjoyable attraction that offers a fun and challenging experience for families and kids who enjoy puzzles and adventures.

The maze’s intricate design includes a complex network of mirrored walls and concealed passageways that will engage and entertain participants. People of all ages can test their navigational abilities as they weave through the maze, attempting to find their way out.

Exciting light and sound effects are incorporated into the maze, providing an additional level of excitement and thrill to the experience. The maze’s blend of visual illusions and interactive features creates an immersive and entertaining adventure for all those who are brave enough to enter.


Dinopark in Myrtle Beach offers a prehistoric-themed experience that is both entertaining and educational, making it an ideal choice for a family outing. The park features various dinosaur exhibits with lifelike animatronic dinosaurs displayed in their natural habitats. Interactive activities, such as fossil digging to uncover replicas of dinosaur bones, enhance the overall experience by providing hands-on engagement for children.

Additionally, the park is adorned with educational signage that offers interesting facts about different dinosaur species, creating an interactive learning environment for kids.

The combination of entertainment and educational opportunities at Dinopark makes it a perfect destination for families seeking a memorable and enriching day out together.

Ripley’s Aquarium of Myrtle Beach

Ripley’s Aquarium of Myrtle Beach provides an opportunity for children to have a close encounter with marine life, making it an enriching and enjoyable destination for families. The aquarium boasts a diverse range of exhibits that feature captivating marine creatures from various parts of the world. Children can expand their knowledge about ecosystems and conservation in a hands-on manner, observing everything from vibrant reef fish to elegant sea turtles.

Interactive touch tanks allow young visitors to touch starfish, sea anemones, and other sea creatures, enhancing their learning experience. Additionally, special programs such as feeding shows and behind-the-scenes tours offer valuable insights into the aquarium’s daily operations. A notable attraction is the underwater tunnels, where visitors can walk through as sharks and giant stingrays swim overhead, providing visitors of all ages with an immersive and unforgettable experience.

Sky Zone Trampoline Park

Sky Zone Trampoline Park in Myrtle Beach offers an array of activities where children can jump, flip, and engage in playful recreation. The park provides a dynamic and enjoyable way to spend time in an active and entertaining manner.

There are various trampoline activities available at the park, suitable for individuals of all ages and proficiency levels. From freestyle jumping on the main court to exhilarating dodgeball matches that ignite everyone’s competitive spirit, Sky Zone caters to a diverse range of interests. Additionally, for those seeking to diversify their fitness regimen, the park conducts fitness classes that merge cardio and strength training with the excitement of bouncing on trampolines, making exercise both enjoyable and stimulating.

Safety is of utmost importance at Sky Zone, with a dedicated team of trained personnel, rigorous equipment inspections, and a steadfast commitment to safety protocols. The park ensures a secure environment for all visitors. Furthermore, through specialized programs and events designed for children, such as toddler time sessions and customizable birthday party packages, Sky Zone enhances its reputation as a park that is family-friendly and welcoming to all.

Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors

Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors in Myrtle Beach offers an enchanting experience that provides an engaging challenge for children through its intricate and entertaining mirror layouts, making it an ideal choice for a family outing.

Throughout the maze, children are exposed to various themes, such as the Hall of Roses, where stunning floral reflections contribute to a magical atmosphere. The maze’s elaborate design serves not only to entertain but also to stimulate problem-solving abilities, prompting children to think innovatively and collaborate in order to navigate their way through. The overall ambiance exudes wonder and excitement, rendering it a favored destination for families seeking a distinctive and interactive adventure.

EdVenture Myrtle Beach

EdVenture Myrtle Beach is a forward-thinking children’s museum that blends education with entertainment, providing a variety of engaging and enjoyable educational activities for kids.

From interactive displays like the oversized skeleton puzzle to practical learning experiences in the aquatic play area, EdVenture Myrtle Beach offers a vibrant setting for children to investigate and uncover. The museum also features tailored programs for various age groups, including storytelling sessions for preschoolers and science workshops for older children. Visitors can anticipate upcoming events such as ‘Dino Discovery Day’, where children can unearth dinosaur fossils and deepen their understanding of prehistoric creatures through hands-on and immersive experiences.

Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

Ripley’s Believe It or Not! in Myrtle Beach is a captivating attraction for children, offering a collection of intriguing and peculiar exhibits that are sure to pique their curiosity.

Upon stepping into the museum, kids are immediately attracted to the interactive displays that encourage them to touch, explore, and learn. From optical illusions that challenge their perception to puzzling games that enhance their problem-solving abilities, each corner of Ripley’s presents a new and exciting adventure. These exhibits not only provide entertainment but also serve as educational tools, offering insights into the marvels of the world and sparking an interest in the diverse and extraordinary.

One of Ripley’s distinctive features is its fusion of history, science, and entertainment, resulting in an immersive and unforgettable experience for visitors of all ages.

What Are the Best Kid-Friendly Activities in Myrtle Beach?

Myrtle Beach offers an abundance of family-friendly activities, providing a diverse selection of attractions tailored to children and creating enduring memories for families, ranging from amusement parks to educational museums.

Situated in the heart of Myrtle Beach, Pavilion Park is a popular choice for families due to its exhilarating rides, games, and entertainment options that appeal to children of all ages. Another must-see destination is Broadway at the Beach, which boasts a variety of attractions such as Ripley’s Aquarium, WonderWorks, and mini-golf courses, ensuring children remain engaged for hours.

Families can relish in leisurely beach days, visit water parks, explore interactive science centers, and attend live performances that enhance the allure and excitement of Myrtle Beach as a premier family vacation spot.

How Can Parents Keep Their Kids Entertained in Myrtle Beach?

Parents have a range of options to keep their children entertained in Myrtle Beach, including amusement parks, interactive museums, and beachside activities that promise endless fun and excitement.

One of the top destinations for kids in Myrtle Beach is the Family Kingdom Amusement Park, featuring thrilling rides and games. Water parks like Myrtle Waves Water Park offer a refreshing escape from the sun, allowing children to splash around and have fun. Educational attractions such as Ripley’s Aquarium of Myrtle Beach provide interactive exhibits that entertain and educate young minds. Whether it’s building sandcastles on the beach or enjoying live entertainment at Broadway at the Beach, Myrtle Beach offers a variety of engaging activities designed specifically for children in this lively coastal city.

What Are the Recommended Ages for These Activities?

The recommended ages for activities in Myrtle Beach vary, with many attractions tailored to toddlers, young children, and even teenagers, ensuring that there is something enjoyable for every family member.

For younger children, places like Savannah’s Playground offer a perfect setting with equipment and play areas that are age-appropriate. As kids grow older, they may gravitate towards more adventurous experiences, making places like the Sky Zone Trampoline Park an exciting choice. Teenagers often find enjoyment in activities like go-kart racing at the Broadway Grand Prix, providing an exhilarating way to spend time with friends.

With its diverse range of attractions, Myrtle Beach offers something for visitors of all age groups to relish during their stay.

Are These Activities Suitable for All Kids?

Most activities available in Myrtle Beach are designed to cater to kids of all ages, offering a wide range of options that can be customized based on individual interests and levels of adventurousness.

For younger children, there are interactive museums and playgrounds that encourage creativity and play. Older kids can partake in exciting water parks, go-kart racing, and mini-golf courses. Special provisions such as wheelchair-accessible paths and sensory-friendly environments are in place to ensure that children of all abilities can take part. Inclusive activities like family-friendly shows, beach games, and nature explorations cover a diverse range of interests, making Myrtle Beach a welcoming destination for families with varying preferences.

What Are the Admission Prices for These Activities?

The admission prices for kids’ activities in Myrtle Beach exhibit a wide range, catering to various family budgets by offering both economical choices and more upscale experiences.

Well-liked destinations such as the Children’s Museum of South Carolina typically request around $10-$15 per child. In contrast, the Myrtle Beach SkyWheel provides family packages starting at $50 for four individuals. Families also have the option of taking advantage of combo tickets, which encompass multiple attractions at a reduced rate, such as the Ripley’s Aquarium and WonderWorks combined offer.

For individuals seeking cost-effective alternatives, engaging in free activities like exploring the picturesque beaches or visiting local parks such as Chapin Memorial Park can serve as viable substitutes for paid attractions.

Can These Activities Be Enjoyed All Year Round?

There are numerous activities in Myrtle Beach that can be enjoyed throughout the year, offering both indoor and outdoor options to keep children entertained regardless of the season.

Indoor attractions such as WonderWorks provide a delightful retreat from unfavorable weather conditions, featuring interactive exhibits and exciting rides that are suitable for the entire family to enjoy together. Ripley’s Aquarium is a popular destination for visitors to delve into the captivating world of marine life up close, offering an enriching educational experience for kids.

For those seeking to immerse themselves in the great outdoors, Myrtle Beach showcases stunning beaches that are perfect for enjoyment in any weather. Whether it involves building sandcastles under the warm sun or taking a leisurely stroll along the shore on a mild day, the beach offers a variety of activities for all to enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some kid-friendly activities in Myrtle Beach?

There are many kid-friendly activities in Myrtle Beach, including Pirates Voyage Dinner & Show, WonderWorks Myrtle Beach, Family Kingdom Amusement Park, Backstage Mirror Maze, Dinopark, Ripley’s Aquarium of Myrtle Beach, Sky Zone Trampoline Park, Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors, EdVenture Myrtle Beach, and Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

What is the best place to take my kids for a fun and entertaining evening?

The best place to take your kids for a fun and entertaining evening in Myrtle Beach is Pirates Voyage Dinner & Show. This interactive dinner show features acrobatics, live animals, and a pirate-themed storyline that will keep your little ones entertained.

Are there any educational activities for kids in Myrtle Beach?

Yes, there are several educational activities for kids in Myrtle Beach, such as WonderWorks Myrtle Beach and EdVenture Myrtle Beach. Both of these attractions offer hands-on learning experiences that will engage kids of all ages.

What is the best amusement park for young children in Myrtle Beach?

Family Kingdom Amusement Park is the best amusement park for young children in Myrtle Beach. It offers a variety of rides and attractions specifically geared towards younger kids, making it a perfect option for a day of family fun.

Can my kids meet dinosaurs in Myrtle Beach?

Yes, they can! Dinopark is an interactive dinosaur exhibit where kids can learn about these prehistoric creatures and even have the chance to touch and ride some life-size animatronic dinosaurs.

Are there any indoor activities for kids in Myrtle Beach?

Absolutely! Backstage Mirror Maze, Sky Zone Trampoline Park, and Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors are all indoor attractions that offer plenty of fun and entertainment for kids. These are great options for a rainy day or if you need a break from the sun.


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