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If so, Stillinger Investigations provides a team of professional, licensed private investigators who have a combined experience of over 50 years of investigative service in South Carolina and surrounding areas.  SI’s team is dedicated to meeting your investigation needs and helping you uncover the truth.

private investigator greenville scOur Comprehensive PI Services Feature:

Investigating Adultery and Infidelity – We can minimize the stress and uncertainty of knowing whether or not you have a cheating spouse. Any information obtained can potentially assist you in court or when handling legal matters. It can also be a great weight off your mind knowing one way or the other if you have a cheating spouse.

Child Custody – Our confidential monitoring service will tell you how your child is being treated by another parent or guardian, and the information obtained can be invaluable in a custody issue.

Counter Surveillance – Our sophisticated technology can identify hidden surveillance equipment and tell you if someone is investigating you.

Database Research – If you need to track someone down or simply find out something about them, our experts can help you.

Hidden Cameras – Our cameras are virtually impossible to locate and detect, and can help you to record fraudulent activity at work or at home.

Tech – follow your subject’s whereabouts using the latest technology.

Digital Forensics – We can access information from electronic devices that someone perhaps didn’t want to be accessed, using our state of the art equipment.

Criminal Defense Investigations – We can guarantee you have the best defense when your lawyers represent you in court, by looking closely at all the circumstances of the case.

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