Proper service of process is crucial to any legal action. Having an experienced, impartial server that understands the legal requirements for effecting service is essential.  At Stillinger Investigations, we understand these requirements and make sure that service is made in a timely manner and that it complies with applicable law and court rules.

In addition to service of process, we also offer individual locate services.  Our investigators are trained to use key databases and advanced search methods to locate individuals and verify addresses.  We utilize top quality search modules and our investigators are trained to accurately interpret results to narrow the search.  Save yourself the time, money and frustration often involved in locating witnesses and parties by letting us do the research for you.

At Stillinger Investigations, our investigators have the experience and knowledge to handle your service of process with the professionalism you expect and to deliver the results you need.  Our staff is uniquely qualified and trained to collect the information you need to be successful in court.  Let our dedicated team get started on your case today.

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