You may feel that it is easier and more cost effective to do surveillance on your own. Or you may have a friend or family member who is willing to do this for you. We strongly recommend that you hire a professional. There are many pitfalls that come from trying to do a job you are not equipped or trained to handle. Furthermore, if you plan to use this information in court it will need to be admissible and it will need to authoritative. As a private investigator firm in Columbia, SC we want to give you a few tips on what a professional can do for your investigation.


What a Professional Can Do


A professional private investigator can offer a variety of services that will not only get the job done but do it without you having to place the stress of surveillance on your own shoulders. When we say surveillance we mean that we will be using a few different methods in conjunction to gain information on a persons habits, whereabouts, and activities. These methods include Tech, video recording, and field work by investigators who will personally follow subjects under investigation. Not only will this information provide you with peace of mind, but should you need to go to court it will prove to be important evidence in any case you plan to make. Furthermore, if you choose your professional carefully and get a professional who is SLED-licensed, as the Byrd, Stillinger, and Associates investigation team is, then they will be well versed in any law in relation to surveillance.


How You Will Be Involved


Do not fear that an investigator will ignore you and your suspicions. You are still important to the case. Though a professional will handle most of the work for you, you will be needed to establish the beginning of the surveillance plan. You will know the subject of the investigation personally and because of this you will be able to help pinpoint the best times or places that a PI can use to start an investigation.


We will also need you to keep up your own habits. Do not indicate that there is anything amiss or that you are suspicious of their behavior. If your own habits change your subject may notice and cover their tracks for fear that you are onto them. This could make an investigation take a lot longer and the information you need could become much harder to obtain. After helping to establish a surveillance plan, you should try to relax, act normal, and allow the investigator to do their job.


What You Can Expect


At the end of an investigation one of two things will occur. Either your suspicions will be confirmed or they won’t be. If they are confirmed we will provide you with all of the evidence which will be yours to use how you wish. Remember that this evidence is important for a court case as a private investigator’s testimony is often looked at more favorably by judge or jury because it comes from an authoritative and unbiased individual.


If your fears are unconfirmed then you now have the ability to move on and let the fears and worries go. Don’t be afraid to contact a private investigator and gain that peace of mind.