Child abuse is a difficult subject for many people to broach. It is especially difficult for a parent who suspects that their ex-spouse is the perpetrator of the abuse. But it is important to remember that child abuse does happen and if you have any suspicions that may indicate abuse it is important for a worried parent to do everything they can to protect their child. Child abuse can leave lifelong emotional and physical scars. As a private investigator in Columbia, SC we are here to help you determine the best way to protect your child, even if it means investigating someone close to you.


The Signs


There are not any specific signs of child abuse that are absolutely definitive. Children get bruises every day and most of them are from recess at school. It can be hard to identify whether a child needs help and it can become especially difficult if the child is being emotionally abused and not physically abused.


Main Signs

The child exhibits a sudden change in behavior.

They become overtly cautious and watchful.

The child seems to want to keep away from home, either through school activities or preferring to stay with one parent over the other.

There is a very negative relationship between the child and one of their parents.


Child abuse can also be classified in different ways and may exhibit different signs. There are four different kinds of child abuse: Physical Abuse, Emotional Abuse, Neglect, and Sexual Abuse.


Physical Abuse

The child has bruises that can not be identified as from play.

The child has fading bruises, sprains, or broken bones after a few weeks of not being seen or being out of school.

The child flinches around adults.

The child does not want to go home, and seems afraid of going home.

There is a clear negative connection between a parent and a child.


Emotional Abuse

A child becomes either aggressive or passive or swings between these two emotional extremes.

A child may show signs of adult behavior, infantile behavior, or both.

A child has thoughts of suicide, or displays suicidal behavior.



A child is dirty and seems to have gone without access to a bath or shower.

A child reports being hungry and seems malnourished.

A child lacks the correct clothing for the season, like boots and a coat for the winter.


Sexual Abuse

A child withdraws from physical activities such as exercise.

A child does not want to be touched, and flinches away at contact.

A child begins to have chronic nightmares and may begin bedwetting when properly potty-trained before.

A child develops a sudden change in appetite.

A child shows knowledge of sex that should be beyond the scope for their age group.

A child becomes pregnant or contracts a venereal disease at a young age.


We do not want anyone to consider these lists comprehensive or absolute. But if you suspect any foul play on the part of an ex or those with the access to your children, then you should find out all of the answers you can as soon as possible. By hiring a private investigator you can ensure the proper well being of your child as well as gain your own peace of mind.