Suspicions of infidelity or adultery can become a psychological nightmare. On the one hand you want to show that you implicitly trust your partner and you don’t want to accuse them of something if you don’t have incontrovertible proof. On the other, your suspicions may be eating you alive from the inside out – and this will have a severe effect on your emotional and mental health not to mention your relationship with this person. We at Byrd, Stillinger, and Associates have private investigators in Columbia, SC and private investigators in Lexington, SC who are equipped to help you find peace of mind about your relationship.


Determining if you may need help from a professional private investigator can be a difficult decision. You may be ignoring or explaining away signs of infidelity at this time. And that is okay – sometimes everyone can become a little paranoid. But statistics do show that up to 80% of women and 50% of men who suspect infidelity are correct in their suspicions. To help you determine whether you need to hire a PI we’ve come up with a list of signs that may indicate that a partner or spouse is cheating.


Signs of Infidelity


There’s not really a top ten list of signs that are absolute proof that you are being cheated on. But all of these signs may be good indicators that you should seek the help of a professional – they will be able to provide you with the proof (or lack thereof) that you need to put these questions to rest.


  • A partner becomes withdrawn from you alone. They withdraw from social activities specific to you such as dates, your work functions, or visits with your side of the family. But they still find time to be with their own friends and family on a regular and normal basis.
  • A partner becomes secretive. They don’t want to share their whereabouts with you and become defensive when you ask about what they did during the day.
  • A significant change in cosmetics or soaps occurs. They begin to take a larger interest in appearance and may change their appearance suddenly. They may come home with a smell of cologne or perfume for the opposite sex.
  • Things that were normally left out and about and used frequently in your presence such as a cell phone or a computer now relegated to a locked office also indicates that the partner may have something to hide.
  • Suspicious credit card or banking behavior. Either they made purchases in town when they were “out of town” or they are withdrawing large or random amounts of money from a checking account. A smaller amount coming in from their side of the joint account can also be an indicator.
  • A decreased interest in sexual activity where there was sexual activity on a normal and regular basis previously.
  • Strange mileage on the car that is unusual given the amount of time the partner was believed to be using the car.


It’s Not All in the Signs


As stated before, we do not want you to believe that this is a comprehensive list of signs or that this means your partner is cheating at all. There may be a perfectly reasonable explanation. Stress from work or from other issues may cause a spouse or partner to act this way. They may be keeping something from you that has nothing to do with infidelity such as fear about a job or a pay cut. This is not to say that this is a goodexplanation because any trust issues in a relationship can lead to fracture but it is to say that infidelity or adultery are not always the only causes for this behavior.


If you find yourself faced with several of these signs then it may be time to hire a Byrd, Stillinger, and Associates private investigator in Columbia or private investigator in Lexington. Never accuse a spouse or partner on suspicion alone. We can help you get the proof you need so that you can have the peace of mind you deserve.