In our more than 50 years of combined experience in investigations, we’ve narrowed down the answers to the question “How can I destroy my case before it gets off the ground?”


  1. 1.     Tell them you’ve hired (or are going to hire) an investigator.  It sounds intimidating and tells your spouse you really mean business.  After all, that cheating slimeball won’t stop what they’re doing because they know they’re being watched, right?


  1. 2.     Ask your cheating spouse lots and lots of questions about their schedule.  They won’t suspect you’re on to them.  Or lie.


  1. 3.     Follow your spouse yourself, or better yet, ride by their lover’s house – no way your snooping around will be noticed. There’s no chance your presence would interfere with the investigation you’re paying good money for. 


  1. 4.     Confront your spouse the second you get the first hint of incriminating evidence but be sure to do it before you have all the evidence you need.  Who cares that (in SC at least) you have to prove inclination AND opportunity?  Why wait until you have everything needed?  A month or two going by while your spouse and their lover “cool off” for a while is nothing to you.


  1. 5.     Do an investigation yourself or with your friends and relatives.  What does an experienced PI have that you don’t?  You watch TV – you know how to gather and document evidence, and how to best present it for your lawyer to use in court, right?  Besides, no one (especially a judge) would think your friends or family might lie to help you. 


These are in fact the best ways to DESTROY your case before it even gets started.  Being patient and maintaining your routine while your PI completes an adultery investigation can be extremely difficult.  Emotions are often overwhelming and it’s difficult to wait and do nothing – but as long as your PI is working your case, that’s exactly what you need to do.  It helps if you’ve chosen your PI carefully – you’ll know their investigative strategy and they will give you a realistic picture of how the investigation will be handled.  They will also update you regularly and work with you to refine the strategy if needed.  See our earlier blog posts on How To Choose a Private Investigator for more information.