cheating spouseStillinger Investigations (SI) understands that no one wants to discover a cheating spouse but if he/she is, it’s important that you take action quickly. Whether you want to save your marriage or provide leverage for divorce and/or child support cases, catching your cheating spouse in the act early, prevents further damage and speeds up your ability to begin rebuilding your life.

If you are reading this article in search for answers, you likely already have a gut feeling that something is not quite right with your spouse and think cheating may be the culprit. Below are 9 typical habits of a cheating spouse:

1)    Secretive – Your spouse may become very secretive about their whereabouts, friends, work schedule, etc. They hide their phones and emails from you and have changed their passwords and pin numbers. Your spouse may not allow you to handle their phone or quickly pull it away if you reach for it. They no longer involve you in the events going on in their life and provide you with general information about their whereabouts and happenings at work.

2)    Communication Breakdown – You may find that your communication becomes limited and they avoid conversations about their future with you. Your spouse may appear evasive with vague answers to your questions. He/she may also become defensive and argumentative when asking where they are going and when they plan to be back home.

3)    Appearance is Everything – When a spouse is cheating, their appearance becomes of much higher importance and most will increase their grooming habits. Many men begin to groom themselves more thoroughly and often and buy cologne and new clothes. Women tend to wear heavier make-up and also, increase their grooming habits. Look for purchases of a new gym membership and hair and nail salons or barbershop receipts/charges; anything that reveals they are spending more time and money on their appearance than normal. You may also notice that the new clothes, perfume/cologne, etc. are worn only when they leave the house and not when you are together.

4)    No Sex or Kinky Sex – Your spouse may withdrawal completely from having sex with you or they may learn new tricks or ideas and begin to try and add these to your sexual encounters. Some cheating spouses become faithful to their girlfriend/boyfriend and do not show their spouse any sexual attention where others may learn new ways to have sex and try to incorporate their new findings into their sexual relationship with you.

5)    Awkward Conversations with Friends – Often times, your spouse’s friends find out that your spouse is cheating before you do. This can cause communication with them to feel awkward or they may not talk with you at all. Friends who use to stop by your home all they time, may not anymore and dinners and outings with friends may also cease.

6)    Lies, Lies, Lies – A spouse who cheats, will lie. You may catch your spouse in small lies or in providing information that seems inconsistent. If you confront them, they become immediately defensive and accusatory stating things like, “you don’t trust me”, “I feel like you’re attacking me”, “I might as well cheat since you don’t believe me anyway”, etc.

7)    Extra Expenses –Finding additional charges on your credit card, purchases on your debit card or money missing that you know nothing about is common. Make sure to check your financial records daily.

8)    Trips Alone– Going on vacations together isn’t happening anymore but your spouse has started taking short “business trips” or having lots of weekends “with the guys/girls”. And/or, you may find that their work hours become extended often, go to “happy hour” frequently with “friends from work”, stay out until early hours morning hours and report that they “drank too much and didn’t want to drive”, etc.

9)    “I Just Want to be Alone” – Trying to do anything with your spouse may seem impossible. Whether it be driving to the store, watching TV, eating dinner, or even sleeping together. A cheating spouse tend to separate themselves and will prefer to be alone than have you with them.

If your spouse is displaying any one of these habits, you may want to investigate further on your own for more details. If your spouse is displaying 2 or more of the following habits, you a have real need for a more intensive investigation to save yourself time, money and further heartache. You may feel you can do your own investigating without professional assistance; however, without equipment, experience and “know how” you could set yourself to get caught or not capture the most important details to provide leverage in your alimony and/or child support cases. A private investigator (PI) can inconspicuously follow the vehicle of your cheating spouse, track vehicle locations at all times with hidden vehicle trackers, complete a digital forensic review of phones and computers and determine identity of paramour (girlfriend/boyfriend). PI’s then use the information gathered, to complete a report ready to submit to the courts to assist you with the best outcome. If you feel you are in need of investigative assistance, call Stillinger Investigations (SI) at 803-400-1974 at any time. With over 50 years in combined investigative experience, SI has a educated, trained and experienced team to provide you with optimal results.

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