Someone says you should hire a private investigator. It probably leaves you with an image of Humphrey Bogart as Sam Spade. That PI is a hard-used guy who wears a fedora and talks with his fists.

Unless you’re looking for the Maltese Falcon, though, that kind of investigator isn’t very helpful. Modern PIs are tech-savvy professionals more likely to mine data than protect damsels.

That said, there are a number of situations when it makes sense to hire a private investigator. Let’s jump in and look at some of them.

You Suspect Infidelity

It’s a hard thing when you suspect your significant other of cheating on you. Even so, it still happens on a regular basis. There are some telling signs, such as:

  • odd expenses show up
  • secrecy about their schedule
  • reduced or non-existent sex life
  • communication starts breaking down
  • a lot of lying

There are alternate explanations for any and possibly even all of these signs. When they start piling up, though, it’s time to hire a private investigator. For more info check out

Regardless of the outcome of the investigation, you won’t wonder anymore.

Child Custody

After a divorce, custody is one of the most contentious issues between former spouses. Getting a change in the custody agreement almost always requires showing that the other party isn’t holding up their end of the agreement.

Hearsay from you or the kids won’t do it. You need solid evidence that your ex violates the terms. When things reach that point, you hire a private investigator.

The child custody investigation might include discrete observation, Tech, and covert cameras. The investigator sees how your ex-partner acts when they don’t know someone is watching.

If they are falling down on their agreement, that’s when it’ll happen. If they do, you get the evidence you need for a change in the terms of the agreement.

Find Hidden Assets

It’s a sad truth that spouses will hide assets in the run-up to a divorce. They’re so angry or disenchanted that they decide their spouse doesn’t deserve any part of those assets.

The law takes a dim view of this behavior, but can’t do much about it without evidence. If your spouse stows valuable art with a family member or quietly moves money offshore, it’s unlikely anyone will tell you.

If you think your spouse did hide assets as punishment or out of greed, hire a private investigator. A good PI can look for digital footprints of hidden assets, track down storage units, and look into your spouse’s family.


Do you own a small business? Then the odds are good that an employee is stealing from right now or has in the past. Approximately 35% of small businesses suffer from theft of one kind or another.

The most obvious form of theft is business products or supplies. Most businesses catch this when inventory control numbers start getting weird.

The tougher one to catch is fraud. This typically happens in bookkeeping, but it can also turn up as insider data theft. If numbers don’t add up or insider information keeps getting leaked, you can take a few routes.

Launch an internal investigation. This is tricky because you can’t know for sure who’s clean. That makes the results of any internal investigation questionable at best.

If you think the fraud is financial, you can hire an outside CPA to look at the books. This is a solid move, but you’ll need a forensic accountant for sophisticated fraud.

If you’re not sure where the fraud stems from, hire a private investigator. They can look at everyone and help pinpoint suspect behaviors.

Background Investigation

Whether you’re hiring a new employee or looking into a potential business partner, you’re well advised to do a background check. The financial health of your business is at stake.

Yet, companies that specialize in background checks frequently offer a minimal service. For example, they only run a check in the same jurisdiction as your business.

That’s not very helpful if the other person supposedly spent the last five years in a different part of the country.

If you’re looking at a big business deal or hiring a key team member, hire a private investigator for a thorough background investigation. In the best scenario, you find out the person is exactly who they say they are. In the worst case scenario, you find out they’re a criminal and dodge a disaster.

Either way, you walk away with a win.

Counter Surveillance

The modern business landscape isn’t always friendly. While it’s illegal, corporate espionage is alive and well. You can tell by the extreme lengths big corporations use in protecting their secrets.

Of course, big corporations aren’t the only ones with sensitive information to protect. Doctors, lawyers, and mental health professionals all deal with sensitive information on a daily basis. Businesses with pending patents or government contracts also need to worry about security.

Assuming someone can find a reason for entering your office or building, they can probably plant a listening device. These days, the devices are small enough to go unnoticed by untrained eyes.

While most people will never face the problem of a bug in their office, high-profile clients can make you a target. Say you suspect someone bugged your office. Hire a private investigator who understands countersurveillance.

There are devices they can use in pinpointing listening devices. Just as important, they’ll know the most likely hiding spots for bugs.

Parting Thoughts on When to Hire a Private Investigator

There are many personal and business situations where you need an outsider. That’s when you hire a private investigator.

Custody disputes are often settled with evidence that someone is violating the custody agreement. A PI can get that evidence.

Is your spouse cheating or did they hide assets? A PI can find out.

Private investigators can help run background checks or investigate potential fraud for businesses. In extreme cases, they can even help you run counter surveillance.

Sillinger Investigations offers a full range of investigation services throughout South Carolina. For questions or more information about our investigative services, contact us today.

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    The private investigators at Stillinger were quick to respond to my case and very knowledgeable. I was VERY impressed with the professionalism, and discretion of their staff. Very dependable and trustworthy private investigators. Thanks.

    Lexington SC is a small town and it is hard to find someone you can trust with sensitive matters. A friend told me about Stillinger and they were incredibly professional and took care of me quietly.

    Always a had a great experience using Stillinger investigations. These guys are truly the best private investigators in the business are and I can sincerely recommend them to anyone in need of critical information. A+

    The best detective agency I’ve ever used for solving difficult and unusual cases.

    My firm recently hired Stillinger Investigations investigations for a complex litigation case and we were very pleased with the the results. They were very responsive, professional and effective. We would certainly hire them again.

    These guys are the best ! Me and my family will be forever grateful for their amazing service. Very professional and honest . Thank you so much . I highly recommend them.

    I’m used different private investigator companies over the years and this by far has been the best experience and produced the most results for me. I definitely recommend Stillenger over the competition in SC!

    I had never consulted a private investigation service before so I consider myself extremely lucky to have found Stillinger and its devoted owner. They helped me uncover the truth about a very deceitful person and prevented me from incurring substantial losses in my business!

    There are so many private investigators out there i went by ratings and honestly top notch work. i was so pleased i sent a thank you gift, 10 stars in my book! i would use this company again without a second thought!

    I needed help with a messy divorce and child custody case and Stillinger was the perfect fit to help in a difficult situation. THX!!!

    I spoke with Brian Stillinger over the phone and they immediately got to work on my situation. They were very helpful and the cost was extremely reasonable. I am an attorney who practices in another state I needed them to do some investigatory work in Rock Hill and they were very thorough.

    Stillinger Investigations has the best private investigators your money can buy. Thanks for all you guys have done for me and my company, I’ll be sure to use you again in the future.

    The best private investigator agency I’ve ever used, especially when reliability and confidentiality are of the utmost importance.

    Best in the business delivered the results I wanted under budget and faster than expected ! Would recommend them to anyone wanting results.

    Discreet, professional and confidential. Very pleased with my results. Thank you Stillinger Investigations.

    After calling a few different PI’s in Rock Hill and Charlotte, i realized this firm had their stuff together. They answered my call right away and spent about 30 min on the phone with me helping guide me without even talking/asking about money.

    Stillinger Investigations is quick, efficient, and professional. A+ company!! I totally recommend them if you ever are in need of a private investigator .

    Incredible staff. They came highly referred by a colleague and I am glad that I chose Stillinger Investigations to work on my case. I also really liked how everything was handled with such high level of professionalism and discretion, and how they had an expert for each complex task.

    We needed some sensitive data recovered from an employee hard drive and Stillinger’s digital forensics was amazing!

    Stillinger Investigations handled a matter for a close family member. Great customer service, timely responses and attention to detail in understanding the situation. Completed exactly what was asked with the utmost thoroughness and would highly recommend to anyone.

    Five stars for Brian! I think he is doing a great job, especially given the nature of this ongoing case. I couldn’t ask for a better criminal investigator.

    As a busy litigator, I rely on Stillinger Investigations to provide comprehensive and thorough investigations for and on behalf my clients. Stillinger Investigations consistently provides excellent services in a discreet, professional manner.

    Stillinger was recommended by a close friend for having unique resources and being very discreet. I am glad that I chose them.

    As a large business owner who often hires new employees and forms new partnerships, having a resourceful investigator on your side who can find any information on anybody is an incredibly valuable asset to my company. If you’re in need of accurate and reliable truth finding to make strategic decisions, hire Stillinger Investigations.

    Finding a great private investigator wasn’t easy. I initially hired one company due to their low rates – which should have been a red flag. Well, it turned out that they were completely unqualified to handle my case causing me even more of a pain, so learn from my mistakes and hire the best private investigator in Columbia SC the first time. Hire Brian Stillinger and his team of veterans to do the job right!

    I highly recommend Stillinger Investigations in Columbia. They are very professional, quick to respond and helpful.

    These guys are very good at what they do. My child custody issue over my daughter was rough. Thankfully my attorney suggested talking with Stillinger Investigations about my situation.
    After making the decision to move forward, it was smooth sailing. They provided the evidence needed to prove my case and get legal custody of her!

    Stillinger Investigations are probably the best private investigator company in the Richland County area if not South Carolina. Their private investigators are professional, efficient and compassionate to your case needs. I would highly recommend Stillinger Investigations ! thx!!

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